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Uploading your file

Simple Upload - for files under 20 MB

After you place your order by submitting the order form you will be taken to a page where you can upload your file. If your file is under 10 MB you can use this upload. If it is a larger file you will need to use one of the methods below.

E-mail - for files over 20 MB

You can e-mail your file to us at printme@universityposterprinting.com.

We've received e-mails with files as large as 30 MB. It depends on your Internet connection and what will make it out of your server.

FTP through your Web Browser - for really large files! (no size limit)

For instructions on how to FTP with FireFox version 2 click here.

For instructions on how to FTP with Internet Explorer 7 click here.

Internet Explorer 6

In your address bar type: ftp://universityposterprinting.com and press the enter key. (or click on this link.)

You will most likely get the following error...It is OK, so click OK!


After clicking OK on the error screen go to the FILE menu and select LOGIN AS...


Log in as User name: poster, Password: printme09! click Log On.

If you are connected you see a txt file that says UniversityPosterPrinting.txt.

Great! Now copy and paste or click and drag your file into the window and watch your file be copied to our server. When your file is done copying you will see it in the window.


Note: If you get a page is not there error make sure that you have spelled our address correctly and that your cursor is in the address box and hit enter. Remember if you get a blank box with no file in it you have to go to the File menu to Login As and log in. You should now see the file UniversityPosterPrinting.txt. You are connected!

If you have any problems or question please call us. We are here to help! 410-557-2775.

Please, if you use this option don't forget to fill out an order form. Otherwise, we won't be know your file is ready for printing and it will not get printed.

FTP file transfer - if you have one of these programs

The most effective way to transfer your large file is using ftp, either through internet explorer or a ftp program. The way to do this is through an FTP program such as:

For the PC
FTP Explorer (free)
WS_FTP (pay)

For the Macintosh
Fetch (free trial)
Cute FTP (free trial)

  • If you are running Widows XP you probably already have ftp Explorer.

Below is an example of what ftp Explorer looks like. The password is printme09!.

If you have trouble uploading your file please call us. We can help!

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